Welcome to my personal page. My name is Nick F.D. Huberts and I’m a PhD candidate (expected graduation: June 2017) at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) in the department of Econometrics and Operations Research. Here, I work together with Prof. dr. Peter M. Kort and dr. Kuno J.M. Huisman. We are involved in a project together with Prof. dr. Herbert Dawid (Universität Bielefeld), under a grant issued by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). During my research visit to the University of York I worked together with Prof. dr. Jacco J.J. Thijssen.

In my research I study firms’ investment behavior in an uncertain environment. Under stochastic evolution of the demand, the main question becomes when does which firm undertake investment. My personal point of expertise and contribution to the literature is the investment behavior under innovation and how established markets affect the firms’ strategies. To read more about my research, visit the research page.

My job market paper shows that, in a frame work of technology adoption, innovation does not necessarily kill the old technology. Moreover I find that a second mover-advantage arises even when firms are symmetric and when there is no information spill-over.